• 2019.10.11


    2019年10月5.6日に長野県で開催されたKAMP KAVU2019。
    今までのKAMP KAVUを振り返る動画を_KAVUが作ってくれました。

    ~Team KAVUより~
    20 years of having KAVU days and the most fun ever with amazing SUPER customers in Japan. Grab some popcorn and a beverage because we're about to travel!
    Get Busy Livin because Fun Has No Season! #KAMPKAVU

    KAVU would like to thank all the staff at A&F for making these KAVU days happen.

    Special thanks to:
    All A&F staff over the last 24 years
    Takao Akatsu: King of KAVU in Japan
    Daisuke Akatsu: Prince of KAVU in Japan

    KAVU would like to thank all the amazing campers and families that have attended the events over the last 22 years.

    In Memorium:
    Mr. Kimura CEO of OD Box.
    Mr. Kimura believed in my crazy idea to have an outdoor athletic event with retail customers.
    He was a great person and an amazing friend to all of us.

    KAVU films:
    Tyler Lee for the amazing edit that makes us all smile.

    All of us from Seattle truly had a great time camping with you and your families.
    Barry Barr
    Sofia Zubiria
    Tomas Barr
    Becky Barr
    Brooke Wakeley
    Ashli Knotts
    Dan Holmes
    Cristie Schrader
    Jeremy Goodman